Tree Limbing and Removal

Tree Limbing and Tree Removal

Overhanging tree branches can be unsightly and a hazard to both you and your home. Dropped needles and leaves can clog your gutters and retain moisture that can make its way into your roof and home. A windstorm can cause branches to fall, damaging your roof, patio or deck and destroy landscaping and flower beds. 

Tree limbing or tree removal can open up your view and let the sunshine in! It can brighten up your home both inside and out. 

You love your trees and we do too! Proper tree trimming and pruning can promote the health of your trees, encouraging and making room for new growth.

The trees found here on the Sunshine Coast and Lower Mainland of BC are incredibly beautiful. This beauty can be used to accent your garden or yard, instead of hemming it in. Proper tree and shrub maintenance will enhance your outdoor living space!

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