Roof Demossing & Moss Prevention

Roof Demossing, Moss Removal & Moss Prevention

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Roof Demossing

Roof Demossing will protect your investment with our proper roof demossing and roof maintenance.

As moss grows it lifts up the shingle or shake, creating a gap which allows air and moisture to creep in. This moisture will wick upwards and begin to rot the structure of the roof. The lifting shingles also creates a place for the wind to catch, reducing the insulating quality and depositing leaves and debris in the cracks which feeds the moss.

It is a cycle that will reduce the lifespan of your roof significantly if left unchecked. Regular roof demossing by Total Maintenance Team will help keep your home warm, snug and dry.

Total Maintenance Team’s Roof Demossing crew is ready to make your roof demossing worry-free! We only use environmentally friendly roof demossing products and good old fashioned hard work to demoss your roof. We spray the roof which kills the moss and the root system. The moss is then removed in a safe and gentle manner by our technicians, so as not to damage or reduce the lifespan of your roof. Total Maintenance Team then rinses the roof and a second application is completed to help prevent the regrowth of the moss on your roof in the future.

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Roof Moss Prevention to avoid Roof Demossing

Yes, we offer Roof Moss Prevention Service as well, so that you can avoid having to have Roof Demossing done later.

Total Maintenance Team understands and believes that moss prevention is critical to extending the life of your roof. Once moss begins to grow, it can damage your roof and lead to costly repairs or replacement.

If your roof is clean now, and you’d like to keep it that way, call us to discuss how you can avoid roof demossing later!

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Roof Demossing and Roof Moss Prevention done right!

The examples of our Roof Demossing work above are only 3 of our happy customers. We do roof demossing all over the Sunshine Coast, from the Gibsons area and Sechelt and beyond. We are here to help you and provide excellent workmanship at a reasonable rate. Give us a call, we’re happy to give you a free quote.

Total Maintenance Team is proud to offer Property Maintenance to the following communities of:

Qualicum Beach, Parksville, Courtenay, Comox on Vancouver Island.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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